Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Good Things Are Brewing

After an extended hiatus, I have returned. Temporarily at least.

While I've been away at my summer internship there have been rumors that the HD situtation in Bozeman has dramatically improved. I will be returning in a couple weeks to the Bozeman area, where I will be sure to report back on the new status of OTA HD in Bozeman. Also, we should have our first useful portable HD Radio in the form of the new Zune HD which will be arriving a bit later this fall. It is on my 'possible purchase' list. First up is a Core i5 to replace my current aging C2D E6600.

Anyways, I'll see you in a week or two, same location.


Jeffrey Sharkey said...

6 months later lol :)

Chris said...

Aging E6600... I hope my E6400 still has a lot more life in it :)